Free slot machines with bonus rounds and how to play it

Most slot machines have at least one bonus. Bonuses can be completely different in style and format: for example, there are bonuses in which the player himself practically does not take part; there are those where the player participates, but the result is still entirely and completely dependent on the case. Finally, there are also bonuses in which the player not only takes a direct part but can also influence the outcome of the game – something like a computer arcade. However, due to the specifics of the free online slot machines with bonus rounds, the bonus games somehow do not last long – the player must return to the normal game mode as soon as possible and continue to bet.

Types of bonus rounds in slots

The essence of bonuses is to provide the player with an alternative to routine – after all, almost everyone is waiting for a bonus game, and for this, they bet on ordinary spins. There are some of the most common bonus rounds in modern free slot machines with bonus rounds and no downloads.

Arcade Bonuses

Recently, slot-game machines have become increasingly popular among the developers of free slot machines with bonus rounds. The mini-game inside the slot can even be controlled by the player himself, however, in any case, the player will not have a decisive influence on the outcome.

Free spins

Free spins are one of the most common types of bonuses, they are in almost every game. Perhaps, in terms of frequency, they are second only to the “item selection” bonuses described above. Often in the same free slot machines with bonus rounds, a combination of these bonuses is used, however, there are also plenty of such games where free spins exist by themselves.

Wheel of Fortune

Another classic bonus game. A large wheel appears in front of you, divided into sections. Each section is a kind of winnings: a bonus, free spins, a cash reward, an increase in the rate, etc. The player starts the wheel and waits for the arrow to stop in a certain place. It is noteworthy that under certain conditions it will be possible to run it several times – if it is provided for by the rules.

Tips to play bonus rounds

Perhaps the most common tip is to set a monetary goal. It works as follows: in case the price drops below your target cash, the player must change the free video slot machines with bonus rounds. There is also a golden rule: players need only the amount of money that the player can afford.

Best free slot machines with bonus rounds

Beach life

These free slot machines with bonus rounds will take players to a difficult beach, recalling a summer vacation. Such thematic symbols as ice cream horns, the image of the sun, sun umbrellas, etc. appear on the reels.


With this game, users can experience the atmosphere that reigned in ancient Rome. In addition to the warriors themselves, rulers, sages and other characters of the ancient state appear on the drums. The game also uses standard card symbols.

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